Подільський державний аграрно-технічний університет



  • To become a global market place supplier;
  • To supply an increasingly diverse work force on the labor market;
  • To be competitive among a multicultural customer base.


1. To provide our students with:

  • Substantive knowledge taught by leaders in their field;
  • Practical experience in the agriculture;
  • Appropriate studying and living conditions;
  • Saturated student life;
  • Opportunities for personal development;
  • Future workplace;
  • Global perspective.

2. To provide our teachers and researchers with:

  • Appropriate working conditions;
  • Opportunities for personal development;
  • Global perspective.



  • Cooperation and collaboration between academicians and students is the key principle of our education;
  • We provide our students with research-oriented core teaching, with an increasing range of options, development experiences, training and internship programmes accordingly to the modern market demands;
  • We encourage our students to be broad-minded, flexible, analytical and critical in their study and research;
  • We want our alumni to take worthy place among the best professionals in the field.


Student life is diverse at the University. We organized:

  • Intellectual Club;
  • KVN Student League;
  • Poetic Club “Lira”;
  • Student Studio Theatre “Link”;
  • Dance Crew “Podilskyi Kolos”;
  • Modern Dance Studio;
  • Vocal and Choir Art Studio;
  • Art Song Club;
  • Folk Music Band “Troisti Muzyky”;
  • Student Brass Band;
  • 7 Sport Clubs (athletics, basketball, volleyball, soccer, table tennis, weightlifting, weight sports).


We encourage our students to take part in such a NGO as: Police Assistance Unit “Kobra”, founded in 2014. Students, members of the Unit, provide assistance to the police in patrolling the streets, investigating crimes, protecting public order during festivals and concerts held in the city, etc.


  • Partnership and exchange of experience with the peers in the field is the main principle of our teaching process.
  • We motivate our teachers and researchers to take part in training and internship programmes due to the modern market demands.
  • We stimulate our teachers to learning languages – to be multilingual and therefore competitive.
  • We encourage our staff to be dynamic, flexible, analytical and critical in their teaching and research.
  • We aspire our teachers to be the best professionals in the field.


  • Improvement and strengthening of the University rating globally by achieving international level of competitiveness;
  • Signing teachers and students’ exchange agreements;
  • Cooperation with higher educational establishments abroad for getting double diplomas;
  • Participation in different joint grant programmes, projects, researches, seminars, conferences, exhibitions with foreign counterparts;
  • Creation joint scientific and innovative centers and research units with foreign partners.